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Hereinafter you will find a short summary of the essential characteristics of Introtone® Therapy.

Understand structures, heal holistically

Introtone: The diagnostic therapy

Introtone® Therapy involves diagnosis and treatment which inform each other directly and immediately. Through sensitive external touch, the patient’s inner body is examined and questioned for blockages and disturbances. In this way, symptoms of disease can be traced to their origins, and the variously and intimately connected structures of the body can be harmonised.

Introtone Therapy is a holistic healing procedure which has been further developed from a foundation based on basic osteopathic approaches. Introtone combines profound knowledge of the human organism, an understanding of deep-lying systemic relationships and the innate, uniquely-perceptive abilities of trained therapists.

Understanding the body´s inner tones through touch

Introtone Therapy – an innovative method

At the heart of the Introtone® Therapy are human beings and their vital potential for regeneration and self-healing. The Introtone Method combines knowledge from the immunological, biochemical and other systemic-oriented sciences with the intuition of “seeing hands” and a specific, learnable mental technique.

Activation of Individual Health Potential
With the help of Introtone Therapy, the therapist communicates directly with the organic and cellular structures of the human body and follows the salutogenesis approach. Introtone is therefore as suitable for preventative health measures and sustainable vitalisation of the body-soul-mind, as for treating the widest array of illnesses, including chronic states. Even those diffuse symptoms and functional disturbances which are difficult to diagnose, can be recognised at the cellular level and treated with the help of the appropriate micro-impulses.

Preventive health care: Vitality and prevention

Continuous good health into age

In this fast-paced 21st century, shaped so thoroughly by western culture, each human organism is confronted almost daily by environmental toxins, stress factors and other strenuous external conditions. The inner body must constantly react to its outer body, must variously combat, compensate for, and alleviate these external factors. Physical and psychological exhaustion on the one hand and hyperactive reactions by the body on the other hand, are essential characteristics of many illnesses in our culture. 
However, the sooner that over-reactions and irregularities can be discovered in the body, the sooner the root causes can be discovered and treated. If there are already pathological symptoms and disease present, the trigger causes are much more difficult to recognise and much more time-intensive to treat. People who put themselves in the hands of our trained therapists one or twice a year for a regulatory health check can, with little effort, do much for their well-being.

Vitalisation, Preventative Care Measures, Well-being
We at the STENDA CLINIC are establishing a new and innovative approach to health. We encourage you not to first come to us when your symptoms have become painful or your exhaustion deep. Our treatment methods are not only ideal for a cure and for regenerating sustainably, increasing your strength, vitality and mental energy, but for general health care and preventative health measures, for stabilising your health for the future.
Our therapeutic focus is always on the resources available to each individual, on the body’s own resources of energy, well-being, self-regulation and positive attitude to life.

Hildegard Stenda

Founder of the Introtone Academy and Director of the Stenda Clinic

Hildegard Stenda is a Health Professional, a certified IMT-Therapist (IMT.c) and professional musician. In 2000, Stenda opened her own practice in Munich, which is known today as STENDA CLINIC. Since 2004, she has been training doctors, natural health professionals and physiotherapists, as well as founding the INTROTONE ACADEMY.
After her studies of mathematics und music and her professional career as a concert pianist and piano teacher, she began her training in osteopathy and medicine with Frank Lowen und Sharon Weiselfish-Giammatteo in the US, which she completed in 2004.
In combination with her training and certification in the medical use of frequency (Global Diagnostics) and an understanding of psycho-neuro-immunology, a complimentary-medical concept arose which combines intuitive healing knowledge with the newest information on physics and bio-chemistry: Introtone® Therapy.

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